What is a gable window?

You may have seen a gable window and may not know the actual name for this window type. A gable window is a window that follows the shape of a roof structure.

Why do people choose to have this odd-shaped window?

Filling this space with glazing increases the amount of light that otherwise would have remained in darkness.

What products are available when treating a gable window & what are their benefits and disadvantages?

There are a few options available when treating gable windows. However, it is essential to understand the advantages and limitations of these options before making a decision. Gable windows are extremely impressive and impose their beauty onto any property while increasing the natural light expose for the interior. Therefore it is essential to understand the implications of these products to ensure you do hinder the advantages of a gable window.

Roller blinds can be very effective and also are available with concealment systems making this product invisible when the blind is fully open. The roller blind offers a clean and minimal aesthetics for those who prefer a more plain and simple look. However, roller blinds will have to operate bottom-up as the fabric is shaped to mirror the shape of the gable window. The main disadvantage of the roller blind system is that it leaks light from all sides of the product. This fact is only an issue if you are trying to achieve an effective blackout effect.

The duette blind is the most versatile blind on the market. These blinds can be made to suit many window shapes and can also be concealed to disappear when the blinds are fully open. In addition, the duette blind can operate top-down or bottom-up, unlike the roller blind, which is only available as a bottom-up solution when applied to a gable window. In some instances, this has its advantages as you may prefer the blind to stack up top to help use the space more effectively. Duette blinds will also help achieve a very effective blackout compared to the roller blind solution.

Curtains can also be made for gable windows to help soften the interior. Curtains are not highly functional and will certainly limit and reduce the amount of natural light exposure or the room. When installed on a gable window, the functional application for a curtain is that the curtain is held in a static position and is tied back to allow light into the room and is let down to achieve privacy and/or a blackout effect. The curtain is likely to offer the most effective blackout effect compared to both the roller and duette blind.

Final words

Gable windows will most definitely require specialist treatment. Therefore, we strongly advise consulting with a specialist to explore your options and establish your requirements and what you aim to achieve with your window treatment. If you consider proceeding with a blind treatment, our pro tip would be to motorise the product as it is the most effective way of controlling these products for gable windows.