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- I'd like to get a quote

If you were interested in a quote for products and services, we would prefer if you were to send us an email ( with the following information:

  • Approximate dimensions of your windows
  • Attach images of your windows
  • Brief description of what products you are interested in

We will use this information to produce an initial quote, and if our quote meets your approval, we will then arrange for a member of our installations team to take accurate measurements before processing any orders.

Please note we do not provide quotations over the phone and require all enquiries in writing via email.

- I'd like to get samples

You can browse for fabrics and wallpapers on our supplier websites using their advanced search filters and browse suitable fabric options for your projects. Samples can be ordered on our supplier websites. Alternatively, you can request these via emailing us ( the designer names and fabric codes and the address you would the samples to be posted out to

- I'd like to know more about your products

If you require information for delivery timescales, pricing, or the detailed technical specification of the products, you can find all of that on the product page for each individual product. However, not all products may have technical specifications listed, and in this case, you can email us ( to request this information.

- I'd like some information on your delivery times

We aim to have the most competitive lead times in the industry, and manufacturing most of our products here in the UK helps enable us to do that. Our handmade made-to-measure products have an average turnaround of 10 - 15 working days. This may vary from product to product and during different periods of the year.

Please note, these lead times are estimated and do not include weekends or Bank Holidays.

Once an order is shipped, it will usually be delivered the following working day (UK mainland). However, please allow two days for orders to be delivered from the point of shipping. Delivery to specific locations in the UK, such as some Scottish Highlands & Islands, and outside the UK, do take a little longer.

- I'd like to know if you supply the trade or commercial businesses

Our trade division can supply curtains, blinds, wallpapers, accessories, and components for every business or project. Our trade customers benefit from competitive pricing, a dedicated Customer Service department, and an accessible online trade portal. In addition, our trade customers benefit from having access to our expert team on advice, technical specifications, and design experience to overcome the most complicated treatments, in other words making the most complex windows a piece of cake. If your business can benefit from a bespoke & specialist service, you can register now by emailing us for a trade account application.

Should you have a large-scale project in mind, just get in touch for a personalised quote. Contact our trade division by emailing or calling 0207 812 9033 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

- My question isn't listed here, and I still require some help

Don't worry, feel free to contact our internal team via email ( or call 0207 812 900 (Mon-Fri 9:00am - 4:30pm, Sat 10am - 3pm).

- Where are your curtains made?

We are proud owners of our own workroom, where our very skilled team makes all of our soft furnishings. Our workroom is based in Tottenham where our company director personally checks all curtains for quality to ensure all our curtains are made to an excellent standard and finish.

- What fullness do you work with?

Curtain headings have varying fullness requirements to achieve different heading style options. In addition, some headings are flexible where we can reduce fullness to achieve a more economical solution.

Curtain fullness will vary between x2 – x3 the width of your curtain track or pole. Our team will assist in working out more economical solutions where possible, so do not hesitate to ask us if you are looking to make a saving.

- Can we supply our own fabric?

The simple answer is yes. However, if the fabric is from a supplier we hold an account with, you must purchase this through us. If you are unsure whether we work with the supplier you wish to source from, send us an email ( or call us 0207 812 900 (Mon-Fri 9:00am - 4:30pm, Sat 10am - 3pm).

- Do you do alterations?

The simple answer is yes. However, if we are exceptionally busy, we may refuse to take on alterations unless you have the flexibility and can wait while we work through our orders.

We can reline your old curtains to freshen them up, we can remove parts of your curtains which have been damaged, we can use your old curtains and use the material to make roman blinds.

All your alternation requirements will need to be emailed ( to our team.

- What is the difference between the linings you offer?

Linings are used to achieve various outcomes; they are most commonly known to protect your fabrics from damage from the sun, they also help add insulation properties to your curtains.

More delicate and thin materials can be interlined to add body to the curtains to achieve a substantial curtain while protecting the fabric and a thermal property to your rooms.

Blackout lining can be added to any curtain to achieve a darker room commonly requested for bedrooms.

- Can I have wave curtains?

Wave curtains are trendy and in high demand. However, the most suitable windows for wave curtains are typically new build apartments. The reason for this is the windows do not have any obstructions in front of them, such as radiators. Radiators affect the hang of a wave curtain as they obstruct the hang of the curtains to form perfect waves.

Most windows can have wave curtains, it just works better on some windows than others, and we are here to assist with this.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to provide our customers with expert advice and recommendations.

- Do you make blackout wave curtains?

All curtains can be made as blackout curtains. However, in most cases, wave curtains would allow for more light leakage compared to other curtain headings.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to provide our customers with expert advice and recommendations.

- What is a wave curtain track system?

Wave curtain tracks are designed to hang curtains off the bottom of the curtain track system. In addition, wave curtain track systems have unique gliders which are evenly spaced out to achieve the wave effect.

If you are not sure what curtain track you need, do not hesitate to contact us, our team is always ready to provide our customers with expert advice and recommendations.

- What will the stack height be for my roman blind?

Typically, the stack of a roman blind will fall between 25 – 30cm.

If you require a more compact stack, you can make a special request for our team to assess and confirm if we can do so.

The stack height will depend on the dimensions of your blind, fabric type, and sometimes pattern repeat.

- What roman blind headrail system do you use?

As a specialist company, we work with numerous headrail systems that can be applied to various circumstances.

Our standard is a cassetted chain system, and we offer this with a 1:4 gear as standard. Our cassetted system comes with child safety components and has an integrated chain disconnection clog that triggers with a 5kg load.

Other headrails: Electric Mains Headrail (15kg lift capacity), Battery Powered Headrail (8kg capacity), chain operated 1:1 Gear (3kg capacity).

- Are Roman blinds suitable for achieving a blackout effect?

This is a very common question, and the answer to the question depends on the type of window you have and the position you wish to install the blind.

To achieve a good blackout effect with a roman blind, this is best achieved if the blind is installed within the window recess to minimise light leakage.

Roman blinds installed outside the window recess will leak light from around the sides of the blind.

- Can I wash or dry-clean my Roman blind?

Unlined roman blinds can be dry cleaned. However, you should always check care instructions for your material before you wash or dry-clean your blinds, as some fabrics may react to cleaning.

Lined Roman blinds are often washable and can also be dry cleaned. However, you should always check care instructions for your material to ensure your fabric will not react, shrink, fade or damage before cleaning.

Interlined roman blinds cannot be washed or cleaned. These blinds need to be maintained well, which can be done by using a vacuum to vacuum dust. The blind fabric should not be handled, and the chain or cord should be used to operate the blind.

Roman blinds do not get very dirty as they are not handled products. Therefore, the general cleaning and maintaining of these blinds can easily be carried out by vacuuming any settled dust off of the fabric.

- Can I get a blind that makes the room pitch black?

We supply and install blackout blind systems that can eliminate 98-99% of light. These blinds systems are a specialist product. They consist of a cassetted box that stores the blind with advanced side rails for the fabric to zip into, blocking out the light effectively.

These blinds have a commercial appearance. However, if you have a window recess, these blinds almost blend in without being very much noticed.

- Which products offer the most effective blackout solution?

Our recommendations ratings are as follows:

1 - Cassetted roller blinds with side rails (Blackout Rating 9.9/10) Several manufactures offer this type of product. Customers should be aware some manufacturers do not manufacture these products at the same quality and, therefore, will experience more light leakage with certain brands and manufacturers.

2 - Duette blinds (Blackout Rating 8/10) Duette blinds may also be known as pleated or cellular blinds. Unlike roller blind systems, duette blinds have minimal deductions on the fabric width when manufacturing, covering a larger surface area with the blackout fabric.

Roller blinds systems will have a 24mm – 30mm deduction to fabric width to house the brackets and control system, resulting in increased light leakage compared to only 2 – 3mm deductions for duette blind systems.

Duette blinds are by far the most effective blackout blinds compared to any other free-hanging blind models. In addition, these blinds are most effective when installed within a window recess and will only leak a fractional amount of light compared to a standard roller blind.

3 - Roller blinds (Blackout Rating 5/10) Roller blinds are the most economical option, which offers a degree of blackout effect. However, these blinds are not effective blackout products as they allow light to leak in from all sides of the blind. The upgrade to this product is the cassetted roller blind system with side rails, which is the most effective blackout blind on the market.

- Can I get curtains which make the room pitch black?

To achieve a pitch-black room with curtains can be a challenge. The best results are achieved via covering a large surface area with full-length curtains that hang from ceiling to floor. This way, we can minimise the light leakage from all sides of the curtain.

If your rooms have coving on your ceilings, the curtain track, in most cases, will need to be installed onto the wall, which will allow for more light leakage. In this case, the curtain track system you choose should sit as flush to the wall as possible with minimal projection, and your curtain heading should sit higher than the curtain rail to minimise light leakage.

Curtains that drop to the window sill or radiator do not offer an effective blackout effect.

- How effective are blackout-lined Roman blinds?

Roman blinds can offer a good blackout effect. There are a few factors that make this blind system more effective, there are as follows:

1 - If installed within a window recess, Roman blinds will offer an improved blackout effect compared to Roman blinds installed outside of the window recess. When installed with a window recess, roman blinds minimise light leakage.

2 - Roman blinds should be made with interning to ensure light does not leak through the fabric. If Roman blinds are not interlined, light is lightly to leak through the material due to the stitching as the blackout lining is punctured during manufacturing. Interlining will eliminate light leakages through the stitching locations and will achieve a premium finish.

- Are motorised roller blinds expensive?

Working with the UK's leading manufacturers, we can offer motorised roller blinds for all budgets and windows.

It is essential to note the larger the blind, the more powerful motor is required to operate the product. We offer motors at a range of prices. Entry-level roller blind motors start from approx. £100 - £300 each and advanced options range between £800 - £995 per motor.

There are motors on the market which are very affordable. However, these products are not to the quality or standard we deem satisfactory as they do not offer prolonged use, lack reliability, and will prove difficulty sourcing replacement parts. For these reasons, we do not supply products that provide less than satisfactory quality.

- Can I control my roller blinds via a mobile device?

Yes, you can easily control, program, set timers, set scenes, and manage your products remotely by purchasing a complimenting hub to operate your products.

- How large can you make a roller blind?

We can manufacture a blind as wide as 5m in a single piece controlled via chain or upgraded to an electric blind allowing control via remote, mobile device, or home control system.

- What are the different roller blind fabric options?

Sheer/Transparent Fabrics Offers maximal light exposure and privacy during the daytime, which will allow being seen at night. Effective privacy product and will minimize UV damage to floor, fabric, and furniture.

Screen Screen Fabrics Advanced sheer fabrics come in a range of openness/transparency factors 1%, 3%. 5% & 10%. Very effective against UV light damage, durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Opaque/Translucent Fabrics Will allow light to pass through while providing complete privacy day and night.

Blackout Fabrics Will block light from passing through the fabric, good thermal properties and is mainly used in bedrooms, offices & media suites.

Aluminum Backed Fabrics Specialist fabrics designed to reduce glare, heat and is available with sheer, opaque, and blackout fabrics.

- What is the difference between a Duette and Plisse blind?

The main difference between Duette and Plisse is the fabric structure. The Duette fabric has a honeycomb cellular structure giving this blind a more efficient thermal and acoustic property. The Plisse materials are similar to the duette, with the main difference being structured as a fan pleat.

Naturally, the fan structure is not as efficient as Duette; however, it does provide a more economical option for windows that do not require these additional properties and only require a shading/privacy solution.

- What is the difference between Literise and Smartcord control options?

These two control options are upgrades to what is commonly known as a spring-operated blind, typically seen applied to roller blind systems, and the cord locking system, which is widely used on Venetian blinds to lock and hold the blind in position.

The Literise control uses an advanced spring mechanism that allows the user to raise and lower the blind using the bottom bar. If the user wishes to raise the blind, they simply hold the bottom bar handle and lift the blind up to the desired height, the blind stops, and bears at this position.

The Smartcord control is an advanced cord locking system that has a retracting cord mechanism. Users may be familiar with how frustrating excess cord tangling down when a Venetian blind is raised can be or may have used cords that do not have a locking mechanism where they have had to twine the blind cord around a cleat to hold the blind in position. The Smartcord allows users to operate the blind by controlling the cord locking mechanism with a smart retracting cord providing a cleaner, more innovative, and safer control solution.

Both of these control options are child-friendly and are becoming extremely popular from a safety and aesthetic aspect.

- What are top-down, bottom-up blinds?

Blinds that can be lower from top-down and raised from the bottom up are referred to as top-down, bottom-up blinds.

In most cases, light will enter a room via the top half of a window, while privacy is typically required on the bottom half of a window. Thus, the top-down, bottom-up blind offers users the convenience of maximal light exposure while maintaining complete privacy.

This blind model is currently available for duette and plisse blinds only.

- Are Venetian blinds suitable for bedrooms?

Venetian blinds do not offer a good blackout effect. This is because Venetian blinds leak light around all sides of the blind in addition to light leakage through the slats themselves.

Venetian blinds are, however, very effective for controlling light & privacy.

- Are Venetian blinds suitable for windows that are floor to ceiling?

Our view on installing wooden Venetian blinds for full-length windows is not a good idea.

Standard Venetian blinds are carried via blind cords, and these cords help raise and lower the blind. The heavier the blind, the more likely the cords will fail, and our experience will tell us that these blinds are more likely to fail over a period of time and therefore, we do not recommend this blind type for large or long windows.

There are alternative options such as aluminum Venetian blinds that are considerably lighter and more efficient to operate.

Premium Venetian blinds are more durable. In addition, premium Venetian blinds use thicker and stronger cords and lift mechanisms, and if wooden Venetian blinds are to be considered for large or long windows, we would strongly recommend a premium version of this product.

Other more sophisticated products are designed with horizonal vanes that offer an improved experience and lifespan (twist shades, pirouette shades, silhouette shades).

- About our shutters.

Shutters are a popular window treatment that offers an elegant and premium finish. Our suppliers state shutters are 95% of the time operated via the louvers only and the panels are rarely opened and closed only when opening the window or for cleaning purposes.

Shutters do not offer a good blackout effect and will require a secondary product to achieve a good blackout effect.

We offer shutters that are made from a variety of materials:

  • MDF (high-density MDF with polypropylene coating)
  • ABS (high-grade plastic – offers waterproof properties)
  • Hybrid wood (MDF Frames with real hardwood shutters)
  • Hardwood (sustainable, stable, and quick-growing timber)
  • Premium white teak
  • Aluminium (looks like solid wood with added security features)
- How much will my shutters cost?

Your shutters' cost is determined by the size of your window/doors and depends on the material the shutters will be made from and any optional extras or components you may require.

- How can I receive a quote for shutters for my window?

If you can supply us with your rough window measurements (width & length) and possibly a picture of your window via email (, we can provide you with an estimate.

- What are your lead times for shutters?

Our standard lead times are approximately 8-12 weeks from order to installation. We also offer an express delivery option of roughly 4-5 weeks from order to installation with an additional surcharge.

- Will the sunlight damage or fade the paint on my shutters?

Our standard lead times are approximately 8-12 weeks from order to installation. We also offer an express delivery option of roughly 4-5 weeks from order to installation with an additional surcharge.

- I'd like some help measuring my windows

We offer a professional consultation and measurement service to ensure all our customers have peace of mind. Unlike other businesses who only sell online, our customers can benefit from a visit by an expert member of our team visiting them on-site to discuss their requirements, take accurate measurements and assist with design ideas for the products we supply.

Our consultation fees are chargeable (£50 - £100 – covers London) and are priced according to location and project size.

Please note our consultation fees for trade and commercial projects vary and are priced separately on a project basis.

- Who will measure my window/s?

Our team will arrange for a member of our installation team to visit you and take measurements of the requested products. We will always have our fitters measure your windows before we begin the manufacturing process.

- Do you advise on the installation of my blind/curtain/curtain track system?

We have an expert team to carry out any size installation, from an essential roller blind to the installation of a motorised product with integration to home control systems. So our customers can benefit from our very own expert installation team for peace of mind.

- Who will install my curtains, blinds & curtain track system?

Our experienced installation team will carry out the installations for all curtains, blinds, and curtain track systems.

- I'd like to know your guarantee policy

The majority of our products come with a 5 years warranty. However, we do have some suppliers who offer a 1-year warranty reflected in the cost of these products.

In any case, we will look after all of our customers during and after their product warranty period.