A common question we are asked is how to achieve glare reduction within a space while maintaining privacy and what the most effective products are to achieve this?

Roller blinds have been the preferred choice of product to achieve these results. The fabric applied to this product to achieve the transparency and glare reduction properties has commonly been a screen material that is available with a range of openness factors for your preferred transparency requirements.  

Issues with standard screen materials

A white screen material will be effective in providing transparency and will also reduce heat which is also a popular choice for most architects and offices.  
The issue with a standard white screen material is it will increase glare issues, and the reason for this is because when light hits a white surface, it will illuminate the surface more so than a darker colour. I hear you ask, 'Then why don't we use a darker colour material?' You are correct in thinking this, darker colours will reduce glare because darker colours will absorb the light. However, darker colours will create heat issues due to their absorbing properties.


How to achieve transparency, glare reduction, and heat management: metallised screen materials

Metallised screen materials are designed for optimal performance. They have a think metallic coating applied to side facing the glazing and have highly reflective properties. They can reflect up to 80% of the solar energy entering a building through the glass and is available on all types of roller blind materials (screens, sheers, opaques, and blackouts). 

Quick facts of the benefits of metallised materials

  • Designed for optimal performance 
  • Glare reduction is easier on the eyes 
  • Uncompromised transparency & privacy 
  • Improved light & glare control 
  • Improved heat and energy control 
  • Efficient & cost-effective 
  • Enhanced living & working space 

Final Words

When shopping for shading products, it is essential to understand the properties they offer, as these will significantly impact how you will be able to use the spaces they protect. Therefore, consult with a professional and explore the options available to achieve the outcome you require. Remember, a well-designed room will improve productivity, enjoyment, comfort, functionality, and your well-being,