What are blackout blinds and why are they in high demand? 

There are many reasons why blackout products are requested. These products reduce the amount of light that enters your interiors, creating a blackout effect. Many materials are treated with a special coating with multiple layers that prevent light from passing through these materials. These materials are then used in blind manufacturing and curtains to help achieve a darker room for individual requirements.  

Why would you want a blackout product? 

The most commonplace for blackout products are bedrooms. Blackout blinds or curtains are used to reduce or eliminate light to achieve a good night's sleep.  
You may work during darker hours and sleep during the day. Blackout products can help create a dark environment for you to rest well and improve your well-being at work.  

Other common reasons why blackout products are requested:  

  • Light sensitivity 
  • Heat reduction & thermal properties 
  • Entertainment rooms 
  • Cinema Rooms 
  • Presentation & Board Rooms 

What blackout products are the right ones for you?  

We all have varying sensitivity to the light; some do not mind light, and others prefer ultimate darkness. There are several blackout products on the market, which all have their own benefits and flaws, so let's explore these and find out what works best for you. 


Blackout roller blinds are your simple blackout product. Due to their design, they are prone to light leakage compared to other products. Their effectiveness is dependant upon the amount of surface area they cover. There is a deduction made to the fabric width to house the brackets (and control systems), which reduces the effectiveness of the blind.  

Roller blinds are a compact solution and cost-effective in achieving a room darkening effect and should be considered for individuals who don't mind light leakage.  


Roman blinds are similar to roller blinds. The main difference between a blackout roman and roller blind is that Roman blinds are softer looking; they are made using soft furnish materials offering a vast amount of fabric choice. Their advantage is that there is no deduction made to the fabric width when manufacturing; however, if installed with a window recess, accessing the control chain may prove difficult, which can cause complications. For this reason, we recommend motorising Roman blinds if they are to be installed within a window recess. 

Roman blinds can be more costly; this is dependant on the standard of making, fabric choice, and preferred control option. Stacking heights should be considered and should be considered for individuals who don't mind light leakage. 

Duette blinds are significantly versatile; these can be used for many window types and are excellent blackout products. Due to their innovative design, minimal deductions are made to the fabric width covering maximal surface area minimising light leakage. This blind type is most effective when installed within the window recess. Duette blinds offer many more properties: top-down bottom-up control, increased thermal and acoustic properties, multiple control options.  
Duette blinds are the most effective free-hanging blackout blind products in the market with minimal light leakage when installed within the window recess (mainly dependant on the squareness of window recess) and can be considered by all. 


Curtains are the most elegant of all blackout products. Curtains help create a cozy environment by softening walls, windows, and other hard features in your interiors. Curtains have insulating and acoustic properties and are the most effective blackout products when made from ceiling to floor to help minimise light leakage.  

For curtains to be effective blackout products, they require good design and a professional curtain track system for optimal effect and application. Curtains should be considered for rooms that have the space to house these larger products and the implication of maintaining these products.  


Cassetted roller blinds with side rails are not new news, but the ability to weld a zip to the fabric sides and have the zip insert into the side rails to create a seal is relatively new. This blind is the ultimate solution for a blackout effect. It is more commercial in design; it has a harsh look as a bare product. However, if installed within a window recess, it is almost invisible and blends right in.  
We cannot recommend a superior product to achieve a blackout effect compared to the new cassetted roller blind with zip technology. Offering everyone a good night's sleep, improved entertainment experience, ultimate light control, and much more.

Final Words

There are many products and options available for a blackout effect; the critical point is to communicate your expectations accurately to find the most suitable products for your blackout requirements. With everything, there is a wide range of manufacturers who offer blackout products for varying budgets. Our team is always ready to assist you and help specify the most suitable options for your needs.